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Stephanie Lam

Creator, Alto, & Arranger

Stephanie’s reputation for being an Administrative queen, combined with her love for music, has definitely been an asset in developing her passion project – Quayside Voices. As a pianist first, she’s been able to apply her 20+ years of formal training into creating interesting and engaging five-part vocal arrangements for the band.

Stephanie loves making new connections through social media, which lead her to foster some of her most valued opportunities and connections. It also opened the door her proudest accomplishment - hosting The Real Group in February 2019.

In 2019, Stephanie officially launched her project management business “Stephanie Manages”. There, she provides administrative advice and services to a variety of clients. Through this channel, Stephanie has also become the North American Tour Manager and Representative for The Real Group. Though travels and touring are currently paused, Stephanie continues to work with clients and post-secondary institutions in bringing The Real Group Academy to them virtually.

When she’s not working, you can often find her with a bubble tea in hand while spending time with her husband Paul, her friends and family, or her kitties.

Troy Martell

Bass & Arranger

Troy is an avid singer, working with Quayside as well as VanDeca, and Cor Flammae. He has previously worked with Phoenix Chamber Choir and Laudate Singers. Troy’s intense knowledge and passion for singing has led to work as an arranger for Quayside and VanDeca, as well as being a choral conductor.

During the day, Troy can be found working as an administrative clerk for local government. At night (when he’s not at rehearsals), you will find him teaching voice and piano, binge watching Netflix with his husband and his cats, or hanging out at bubble tea.

Elyse Kantonen 

(they | them | theirs)

Soprano / Arranger

Elyse Kantonen is a music educator, accredited music therapist, conductor, and avid singer in Vancouver. They have been singing in professional choirs for the past 12 years, including Cor Flammae, Quayside Voices, and Laudate Singers. Elyse is also the co-founder & co-leader of VanDeca Vocal Ensemble. They also direct Q Choir, a queer-centered community group. 

Elyse has experience conducting vocal workshops and camps with young choirs. As a new teacher in the North Vancouver School District, Elyse is looking forward to connecting with young people through music.

Aerhyn Lau 

Tenor / Beatboxer

Aerhyn is a Vancouver-born musical theatre & TYA performer who has been gracing stages & schools all across Canada since 2004.

Aerhyn started studying music at the age of 6 with piano, and by the age of 8, joined the Vancouver Bach Children’s Chorus and started the violin. Since then, he’s picked up 5 more instruments, played in the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra, and has toured all over the world.

While at first he was studying music at Capilano College, Aerhyn caught the acting bug when he started taking a musical theatre elective class. He immediately switched over to the theatre department and hasn’t looked back since. With the training he received from Cap’s theatre program, plus some added training at Harbour Dance Centre in downtown Vancouver, Aerhyn has also added teaching dance & choreography to his list of skills, having not only taught dance at a few high schools around the lower mainland, but has also choreographed a handful of musicals.

Danjel Young 

Tenor / Vocal Percussion / Arranger

Danjel is a former multi-instrumentalist, turned singer, beatboxer, and arranger. He has been enthralled by music all the way from elementary school to getting his diploma in Jazz Studies at Capilano University for trombone and voice. While in university he sang with Nite Cap, Capital Jazz, and Cap Singers.

Danjel continues to fill most of his free time with musical endeavours, when not working his 9-5 day job. Aside from Quayside, Danjel has sung with many professional and semi-professional choirs. He is currently a member of Espiritu Vocal Ensemble, and the Shaughnessy Heights United Church Choir, and a former member of VanDeca, Laudate Singers, and St. Andrews United Church Choir.

Danjel also has an ever-changing rotation of other hobbies including cooking, baking, woodworking, jewelry making, bouldering, sewing, and occasionally video games when there's time leftover.

Former Members

Alyssa Inouye

Soprano/Alto & Arranger

Alyssa started off her musical journey playing the piano at age 5. Since then, she earned her Royal Conservatory of Music ARCT for Piano Performance and has accompanied numerous choirs and performers. Alyssa eventually wanted to sing and joined a few choirs in the Lower Mainland, eventually finding her way to Quayside. On top of singing soprano/alto for Quayside, Alyssa has arranged about half of their rep and has more in the works.

When she's not making music, Alyssa is busy chasing after her two kids and also works as a Registered Nurse. She also loves spending time outdoors: hiking, fishing, and camping.

Justin Pham

Tenor, Beatboxer & Songwriter

Driven with a passion for art and music, Justin constantly seeks for creative flow to get through the day. He began his musical adventure by playing violin and guitar, adding trumpet studies in high school and into university.

Justin is a songwriter along side his friends in pop-punk band, Chief State, when not lending his voice for Quayside.

He aspires to continue involving art in all aspects of his life in years to come, and bring his musical creations to life to, hopefully, inspire those who take the time to listen.

Maggie Ma

Soprano & Choreographer

Maggie sings soprano and choreographs for Quayside Voices. She has been singing all her life. She is also an actress and you can catch her in tiny roles on many local Hollywood North productions. Check out her IMDb page! 

Her current and greatest role to date is being a mom to her son.

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