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Pop. A Cappella.

Quayside Voices is a vocal band from New Westminster created by Alto & Arranger Stephanie Lam in 2014. Together, they’ve been performing and writing their own arrangements while bringing them to live in a wide array of venues. Pre-pandemic, you could find Quayside impressing crowds from private parties to outdoor festivals.

Quayside’s also collaborated with vocal bands across the country including Victoria’s Fifth Street, Edmonton’s 6 Minute Warning, and Toronto’s Countermeasure. Internationally, they’ve produced and shared the stage with world-renowned artists The Real Group.

Since the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, Quayside has been working together from the safety of their home on various projects to keep connected to fans. From the “30 day song challenge”, to their weekly livestream program “Catching-up with Quayside”, the band continues to work creatively while preparing for the new normal.

Follow their adventures on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok at @QuaysideV, and be sure to stream their content on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube. 

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