QV - Quayside Voices

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Quayside Voices - The Superheroes

Superhero Stats

Maggie Ma

Soprano & Melody Maker

Alias (Other Professions): Actress ./ Dancer / Shopaholic

Superpower: Killer Vocal Runs and Solo Power

Kryptonite: Sparkly Things, Sales, Fancy Drinks

Recent Sightings: VanDeca Singers, Cap Singers, Film & Television, Solo Performances

Website:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1087994/

Alyssa Inouye

Soprano, Harmonizer &

Harmonic Architect

Alias (Other Professions): Registered Nurse / Accompanist

Superpower: Supernatural Piano Skills / Arranger / Soothing Harmonizer

Kryptonite: Music and Puppies

Recent Sightings:

Coastal Sound Music Academy (Chamber Choir/Youth Choir), Elektra Women's Choir, Pianist for Coastal Sound Music Academy's Training Choirs, Trinity United Church and First United Methodist Church of Canada

Stephanie Lam

Alto, Harmonizer & Harmonic Architect 

Alias (other professions): Music Teacher, Administrator

Superpower: Making things happen / Arranging 

Kryptonite: Coffee and Kittens

Recent Sightings: VanDeca Singers, the Postmodern Camerata, Cap Singers, Laudate Singers, and the U of R Chamber Singers


Tenor, Beat Boxer

The Timbre Maker

Alias (Other Professions): Guitar Teacher, Guitarist, Songwriter, Guitar guy w/Chief State

Superpower: Energizer / Beat Maker

Kryptonite: Hypnotizing Harmonies

Recent Sightings: Chief State, Failing Street, VanDeca Singers, Cap Singers, Laudate Singers, Trade Company Band

Troy Martell

Bass, Groundbreaker & Harmonic Architect

Alias (other professions): Piano Teacher, Vocalist for Hire, Administrator

Superpowers: Badass Basslines & can whip out the piano, trumpet and clarinet skills on command!

Kryptonite: Choir music!

Recent Sightings: La Ceileigh, Laudate Singers, Cap Singers, VanDeca Singers, McGill Chamber Choir

Tess Meckling

Back-up Squad/Tri-Force

Vocals, Piano & Guitar

Alias (Other Professions): Piano Teacher

Superpowers: Captivating Vocals / Instant Harmonies / Passionate Pianist

Kryptonite: Music, Skating, Cats, Campfires & Mango Ice Cream Bubble Tea

Recent Sightings: Leizle Music, Play it Forward, Cap Singers, VanDeca Singers

Nick Andrews

Tenor, Alto

Timbre Maker & Alto Ego

Alias (other professions): Composer/Lyricist, Singer/Songwriter, Non-Violence and Social Justice Advocate

Superpower: Composer & Arranger, Piano, Guitar, Percussion 

Kryptonite: Coffee, Plaid shirts, Folk music, Dragons

Recent Sightings: The Argyle Embargo, Cor Flammae, VanDeca Singers, Chor Leoni, Laudate Singers, The Augustana Choir