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July 2017

QV's getting prepped for a busy August so we're rehearsing weekly to get things together for these gigs. We'll be busking at the River Market on August 11 and 18, and also taking the stage at Uptown Unplugged on August 27. We'll tell ya how it goes!

June 2017

QV was busy in May getting a set together to celebrate our very own Maggie's nuptuals. It was a beautiful day and we were honoured to bring some musical romance to their reception.

April 2017

Quayside was proud to perform for a room of strong and inspiring women at the Women's Symposium at New West Secondary School. After a bit of a haitus, it was nice to get together for this gig.

March 2017

We just finished our first show of the year, and it was our own! QV Live at Braid v. 2.0 took place on March 3 and we performed to a packed house. It was an amazing feeling being able to be in such an intimate space with our fans, friends, and family (who I guess are also our fans?). We'll be posting some pics and clips soon - stay tuned on our Instagram or Facebook!


Riding the good energy of the Civic Dinner, QV has been busy bringing holiday cheer at a variety of local festivals and events. While it all technically started at the end of November, QV opened up Enchant Vancouver (World's largest light maze) on the 25th and have a couple more gigs booked for December 24 and 27. Check them out!

Time has come and gone, but QV also performed at "Passport to Sapperton" on December 4, the CUPE Christmas Party on December 11, and hosted their own private event on the 8th.


QV was honoured to be brought on and performed at the City of New West's annual civic dinner. With over 300 guests, QV provided ambient music over a delicious banquet at the Anvil Centre. 


October was a huge month for QV cause we had our first feature concert! On the 26th, QV put together a full program of 17 songs and performed them for our fans and followers at the beautiful 100 Braid Street Studios in New West. To kick-off the night, JPham's solo project - the Trade Company - opened the show with all original songs. Guests got a full night of music and had the rare opportunity of exploring the private studios of the Lower Mainland's finest artists.

It was great, and the crew's looking forward to doing it again in 2017.


The ladies of QV had the honour of performing at Jen Clado and Don Espiritu's wedding at RiverRock Casino. Weddings are such a special time in people's lives, and we were happy to bring to them "Hawaiian" touched versions of Best Day, Fools Rush in, and Lava.


To close off our summer, QV was the "closer" on the All Choirs! stage at New West Pride's Columbia Street Party. It was a beautiful night and the turn out was a blast. Looking forward to coming back next year!


QV was super stoked to make their Uptown Live debut at this year's festival. The Festival featured four stages from noon til' 9:00 p.m., and QV took the stage with full energy.

QV was also featured in the local Paper, click here to read!


In order to support the studio, QV performed at the New West Heritage Home tours and provided some loungy entertainment in their living room area. Since we were down a singer for the month, we took the opportunity to feature our instrumental capabilities and had JPham and Lam on Guitar and Keys while Troy and Mags filled the room with their beautiful voices.


QV gives the warmest welcome to Kaori Inouye, who was welcomed into the world only 12 hours after a rehearsal!. We're so happy for Alyssa and her husband Seiji! She's so adorably Ka-o-rious!


A beautiful partnership kicked-off with 100 BraId Street studios in New Westminster. For those who've never been - you have to check-out the site. It's a gorgeous warehouse with studios for local artists to create and feature their work.

Susan, owner of the studio, found us on Instagram and liked a few videos. We reached out to her saying we'd love to sing there someday, and since have been rehearsing on a regular basis.

In addition to it being a beautiful space, the area actually features beautiful resonance. With the decor, QV has been capturing their shenaningans and posting it everytime they get to "play."


February came up quickly and QV was asked to perform at the New West opening of the Farmer's Market in Uptown. It was super rainy, but we had a great time singing for our neighbours. Since the day was kind of long, we took the chance to show off some of our other genres, and sang some Disney and Broadway.


This year was off to a great start with our first gig at the New Westminster Volunteer Festival at Royal City Centre. The event featured booths of where the community could sign-up to donate some time to various worthy causes around the Lower Mainland.

In the centre of it all, the Festival Coordinators provided some entertainment for shoppers and visitors.